Diktanalyse – Plutselig. I desember.

Presentasjon I denne analysen skal jeg analysere diktet “Plutselig. I desember” av Rolf Jakobsen. Diktet [...]

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Diktanalyse av “Første varsel”

Diktanalyse I denne analysen skal jeg tolke diktet “Første varsel” av Inger Hagerup. Diktet er [...]

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Diktanalyse “Aust-Vågøy”

Aust-Vågøy Mars 1941 I denne dikt analysen skal jeg tolke og forklare hva jeg tror [...]


Ensom flyver (Einsamflygar)

Under kan du finne min omskrivning av Haldis Moren Vesås dikt “Einsamflygar”. Nederest i denne [...]


Bullet the blue sky

In “Bullet the blue sky” U2 is singing about America Bombers dropping bombs on innocent [...]


Remember the name

I don’t find these lyrics arrogant at all, in contrary, I think Mike Shinoda in [...]


A fire drill…

…or maybe not? But one thing is clear, Miley Cyrus wants us to “wake up”! [...]

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Freedom don’t come free

The song  is about a strong man, that just wants to be a father, but still [...]


Is it just another day?

The song was released as a single on 26th September 2011. The day after the song [...]

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American idiot true or face?

Green day is an American punk-rock/pop-punk band. Green Day`s artist Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, [...]


Democrat, republican …..or…

or is it possible to be something else, than democrat or republican? Akon thinks so. [...]


Just A Pair Of Shoes

Just A Pair Of Shoes: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song is about a pair of shoes. [...]