Engelske idiomer – liste

Her kan du lære engelske uttrykks om kalles idiomer. Et idiom er et uttrykk som [...]


New Zealand

New Zealand also called Aotearoa in Maori is a country of islands in the southwest [...]

New Zealand


Facts Canada is a country in North America and it is the world’s second largest [...]

canadian flag

Result survey: English prevalence

Ireland – the first British colony? A recent survey conducted by Osestad (2013) shows that [...]


Result Survey: A Days Wait

Flekken`s great survey The girls got the best score on this survey. On May 15th, [...]


Result Survey: British or America English?

Hanne Dybwad Dale’s recent survey (2013) show that most people knew what was British or [...]

Bullet the blue sky

In “Bullet the blue sky” U2 is singing about America Bombers dropping bombs on innocent [...]