Result Survey: A Days Wait

Flekken`s great survey

The girls got the best score on this survey.

On May 15th, 2013 I counted how many points everybody gave this type of exercise,

and there was no doubt ,that it was the girls who were the most generous.

And not enough with that, boys…..!

The girls had the most correct answers on the test itself.

So congratulations to you girls

and shame on you guys!


The boy is not the main character!

Many of you guys thought that the boy

was the main character, but he is not!

The main character is the father.

He is the storyteller.

The father shot two birds, and the boy got sick!

On two of the questions everybody answered correctly. You can only guess….!!

At first the boy (Schatz) is ill, he had the flu. The father was worried, when he saw the boy just lie in bed without saying a word.

His father became more and more worried,

but the boy said “Just go, I’ll be fine.”

And his father went out hunting with dog and shoot two birds.


These are the questions:

- How many animals did the father shoot?

- Which disease did he (the boy) get?

The opinions from the graphs.

The funny part of this survey was,

that everyone had their opinions on each question,

exempt some questions such as:

“How many animals had father shot down”?

But the survey was just a simple task,

that is not about being the best,

but a task to be strategic and to find the tricky questions,

so you do not get duped!

This is to all of you, so visited our webside,


This survey is conducted by

Martin Andre Illebæk

at Briskeby vgs in Lier, Norway, March and May 2013.

13 people participated in this survey.

The correct answers.

·         Who is the main character? The father

·         What happened in the story? A boy got sick

·         How many animals did the father shoot? Two Birds

·         Which disease did he get? Flu

·         What did Schatz waited for? He waited to die

·         Schatz had 102 …? Fahrenheit

·         What happened in the end? Schatz cried the next day